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Money Mapping: Creating A Relationship Centred Business (Volume 1)

Austyn A Smith. Money Mapping: Creating A Relationship Centred Business (Volume 1) Authors:Austyn A Smith.
Price:2684 rub.

Book Summary:
A REVELATION for Professional Advisors Creating a successful and profitable business is possible without having to discount and reduce price. Many professional advisers feel pressurised into competing on price, feeling themselves to be increasingly squeezed in a low cost world. However, what many do not realise is that discounting is the last thing they should be doing, if they want to win, thrive, and add more value than ever before, ...... and be happily paid for doing it. Being happily paid by your customers is the most important thing, as they will then tell everyone else what a great experience they have had. But they can only happily pay you what you are worth, if they continually see the value. Austyn Smith is here to show you that there's a substantially different way to run a professional services firm. This is where the culture, focus and philosophy are all aligned in creating long term customer relationships, enjoyable experiences, with ongoing reassurance and value. Money...

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