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The Art of Saving: How to Create Your Money Masterpiece

Evan Wright. The Art of Saving: How to Create Your Money Masterpiece Authors:Evan Wright.
Price:1353 rub.

Book Summary:
Imagine if your life were an art museum. Your family life could be a warm portrait, your sense of humor an abstract sculpture. Now think about your finances. What type of portrait or picture comes manifests when you think about the role that money plays in your life? We all will have a different picture come to mind when we think about money. Some of us may be able to come up with masterful pieces that could rival even the most intricate Monet paintings. We might be sitting in a luxurious house with anything we want, various investments that add splashes of exotic color, and a full bank account that puts a lot of green onto our painting. Others could see paintings that contain only a few colors, but plenty of red. Letters stamped with past due or late fee in crimson could create a hue on our financial portrait that is only rivaled by the red we see when we feel anger, anger over past mistakes or poor financial decisions. Still others may have a simpler picture. Our finances...

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