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Win the Money War: Clear Investing Advice for Service Members

James D. Redwine. Win the Money War: Clear Investing Advice for Service Members Authors:James D. Redwine.
Price:2508 rub.

Book Summary:
"Win the Money War" provides investing advice and other wealth building steps that are effective, yet simple to execute. Readers with little or no knowledge of investing will be able to quickly and easily set their finances on a path for consistent growth. In addition to investing in tax-advantaged and taxable accounts, readers will receive specific recommendations for buying homes, paying college costs, maximizing Social Security, and participating in the Survivor Benefit Plan. This book's target audience is U.S. service members (SMs). Nonetheless, civilians will also greatly benefit from this book's information. Persistent inflation, falling U.S. dollar values, and a crippling national debt make the attainment of solid financial advice imperative for all Americans, especially for SMs. SMs are accustomed to generous compensation packages. SMs assume that the U.S. Government will guarantee the existence of their tax-exempt housing subsidies, defined benefit pensions, inexpensive...

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