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Logic Problems for Money Minds, Revised edition

Philip Jenks. Logic Problems for Money Minds, Revised edition Authors:Philip Jenks.
Price:1039 rub.

Book Summary:
Add the following numbers up, out loud, in order, and as quickly as you can:1,000 + 40 + 1,000 + 30 + 1,000 + 20 + 10If the number you got was the one in brackets at the bottom of the page, you need this book!The 42 conundrums, problems and riddles in this book have been collected by the editors over many years. The tests are designed to be not only fun, but also instructive. In taking them, you will learn a lot about logical reasoning, but perhaps even more about yourself and your brain! The best part is, having tested your own mental agility, you will have an arsenal of tricks to inflict on friends and colleagues. The book includes a variety of different type of puzzles, tests and tricks. Some are straight numeracy tests, some are word plays, some are logic traps, and some require serious lateral thinking. A few of them are easy, but all demand some mental exertion. One of them was even devised by Einstein! From the Introduction: "Warren Buffett, the world's most successful...

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