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The Inside Track of Money & Wealth: Know the Game

The Inside Track of Money & Wealth: Know the Game Authors:
Price:1980 rub.

Book Summary:
Know the Game is the first book in The MindSet of Wealth series. An excellent read that is comprehensible and fun for tweens and teenagers. The lessons directly relate to money as a form and tool of developing wealth. Wealth is the focus of this book as it is the missing element in the lives of so many people. By introducing the pursuit of wealth instead of money, young people learn valuable lessons in creating a future for themselves that is in their control. The concept of "Wealth and not Waste? is a practice that defends the onslaught of images that steers young people into an unnecessary rat race. Know The Game reveals the hypnotic influence that plagues so many people, while defining one and wants. It breaks down the misunderstanding of being wealthy oppose to being rich and the functions of both. Readers enjoy the inside track of the game of money and realize their power over it.

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