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Creativity Unwrapped: A Spiritual Path to Making Money Making Art

Virginia C. Green. Creativity Unwrapped: A Spiritual Path to Making Money Making Art Authors:Virginia C. Green.
Price:2315 rub.

Book Summary:
Creativity Unwrapped is for the artists and healing artists among us who have actually finished something, or come close to it, and then put it away, unobserved. It is for those of us whose first really big canvas is rolled up under the bed. Those of us whose illustrated memoir of their experience of surviving breast cancer and how it drew their family together is sitting beautifully tied up with ribbon on the shelf. Those of us whose CD, well mastered and studio quality, sits in a box of a hundred in the garage. Those of us whose gorgeous head shots are in the linen cupboard behind the guest towels somewhere. The Artists in Waiting. Creativity Unwrapped: \ Leads artists to understand the psychological strengths they already possess for promoting their creativity, and where they might need some help. \ Guides artists into a closer relationship with their audience in ways that will make their work more responsive without sacrificing creativity and innovation. \ ...

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