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The Financial Times Guide to Managing Your Money

Cliff D'Arcy. The Financial Times Guide to Managing Your Money Authors:Cliff D'Arcy.
Publisher:Pearson Education
Price:1068 rub.

Book Summary:
No matter how much or how little money you have, this book will help you get to grips with the basics. And as the credit crunch bites, what better time to make sure that you have things under control! The idea of managing your money can seem confusing, boring, and even pointless. But "The FT Guide to Managing Your Money" makes the advantages of budgeting, spending and saving crystal clear and is packed with practical, easy-to-use advice on what you need to do to master your money. In eight easy-to-follow chapters you will learn the simple secrets of financial success, including how to: increase the amount of money you have coming in, while reducing your outgoings; borrow money while paying as little interest as possible; buy a home without putting to much of a strain on your finances; earn more cash from your savings; protect yourself and the things that are important to you; build...

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