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Fight For Your Money (Canadian Edition)

David Bach. Fight For Your Money (Canadian Edition) Authors:David Bach.
Price:3590 rub.

Book Summary:
The bestselling author shows you how to protect your money and put thousands back in your pocket every year by taking on the “corporate machines” who are taking you to the cleaners.In Fight For Your Money, David Bach, our favourite financial guru and consumer advocate, has written the ultimate guide to making smarter financial decisions and protecting yourself from companies who want to separate you from your hard-earned paycheque. Corporations earn billions annually from our financial ignorance. The time has come to fight back! Starting with an A to Z list of items where you are paying too much – your cell phone, cable bill, cars, credit cards, insurance, airfare, hotels and many more – Bach shows how you are being taken. Then the “Fight for Your Money Toolkit” shows you how to fight back, with sample letters, call scripts, and real-life stories of ordinary people who have fought back and won. As David Bach says, “When you are being taken financially, you work harder than you have...

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