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Rescue Your Money: Your Personal Investment Recovery Plan

Ric Edelman. Rescue Your Money: Your Personal Investment Recovery Plan Authors:Ric Edelman.
Price:1206 rub.

Book Summary:
If you're scared or confused about how to handle your investments and fed up with "advice" from brokers, advisors, and media darlings that has cost you huge sums and placed your financial security at risk, the cure is in your hands.Ric Edelman, an award-winning advisor with more than two decades of experience, reveals the one investment goal you should have, the two obstacles you'll face, and why you've been failing with your investment strategies. Above all, he shares the secret to successful investing -- and even includes a special section for those who are already retired.Rescue yourself from the pain of watching your life savings go down the drain.Regain the confidence that your investments can provide you with lifelong financial security and prosperity.Get a great night's sleep by not having to lie awake worrying about your investments.

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