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The Theory of Money (Classic Reprint)

Dalgairns Arundel Barker. The Theory of Money (Classic Reprint) Authors:Dalgairns Arundel Barker.
Price:1057 rub.

Book Summary:
THE back parlor of any average American home. The blinds are drawn and a single gas-jet burns feebly. A dim suggestion of festivity: strange chairs, the table pushed back, a decanter and glasses. A heavy, suffocating, discordant scent of flowers-roses, carnations, lilies, gardenias. A general stuffiness and mugginess, as if it were raining outside, which it isn't.A door leads into the front parlor. It is open, and through it the flowers may be seen. They are banked about a long black box with huge nickel handles, resting upon two folding horses. Now and then a man comes into the front room from the street door, his shoes squeaking hideously. Sometimes there is a woman, usually in deep mourning. Each visitor approaches the long black box, looks into it with ill-concealed repugnance, snuffles softly, and then backs off toward the door. A clock on the mantel-piece ticks loudly. From theTable of Contents I Death: a Philosophical Discussion 11; II From the Programme of a Concert 27; III...

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