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500 Ways to Get More People to Give You More Money!

T.J. Rohleder. 500 Ways to Get More People to Give You More Money! Authors:T.J. Rohleder.
Price:3778 rub.

Book Summary:
T.J. Rohleder is the author of "Ruthless Marketing" and many other books on marketing. This book is complied from the best of the best of his "The Black Book Of Marketing Secrets" series. Most books on business and marketing are boring as mud! BUT NOT THIS ONE! This book will be like a shot of strong black espresso! It will wake you up and energize you into thinking about all kinds of new and exciting ways to make more money. Just flip through these pages and within 5 minutes or less, you will instantly discover new ideas that will stimulate your thinking and jolt you into action! Keep this book close by and open it up any time you need a new idea or two that will jump start your thinking process!

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