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Money Morons: Their Causes and Cures

Mark DiGiovanni. Money Morons: Their Causes and Cures Authors:Mark DiGiovanni.
Price:2409 rub.

Book Summary:
MONETARIUS MORONICUS: noun- A mental affliction that causes its victims to self-inflict financial wounds. It is most commonly caused by inadequate financial education, vulnerability to marketing messages and an inability to delay gratification. Symptoms include high debt, stress, depression, divorce, bankruptcy, even suicide. Those who suffer from Monetarius Moronicus are known as MONEY MORONS. While it is not contagious, children of adults suffering from Monetarius Moronicus are at an increased risk to develop the condition. Treatment is often hampered because victims tend to ignore warning signs until the condition reaches critical status. One of the best known cures for Monetarius Moronicus is to digest the contents of this book. "Money Morons displays a rare and extremely valuable combination of high-level sophistication and deep-down common sense. It's THE book on the subject I will give to my son." -Hank Ezell, Financial Editor, Atlanta...

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