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How to Make Money on eBay

Greg Mason. How to Make Money on eBay Authors:Greg Mason.
Price:1486 rub.

Book Summary:
Are you ready to start selling on eBay(r)? Have you already bought items on eBay(r) and learned the ropes for placing a bid and watching an auction? Maybe you've even tried selling some items from around the house and made a little cash. But what about making LOTS of CASH? Do you have the information you need to get HIGH BIDS and pick the RIGHT PRODUCTS? Well here is what you will learn in How to Make Money on eBay(r)! (and Start Your OWN Profitable Business)... *What Sells Best on eBay(r)? *How To Find a Supplier for Your eBay(r) Business *Where to Find Drop Shippers and How to Avoid Scammers *How To Make Your Headline Stand Out from the Crowd *Tips For Outsourcing Your eBay(r) Business *Learning the Basics of eBay(r) *Where to Find the eBay(r) Rules and Why You Must Follow Them *Learn the Ropes in Discussion Groups and Forums *How to Ship Your Products to Your eBay(r) Customers *At What Price Should You Start Your Bidding? *How to...

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