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How To Make Money with Real Estate

Greg Mason. How To Make Money with Real Estate Authors:Greg Mason.
Price:1486 rub.

Book Summary:
Before you make that first visit to the mortgage lender, do yourself a favor - find out for yourself... "How the Experts Make REAL Money in Real Estate!" Your success in real estate DEPENDS on making smart decisions - before you buy and after. Whether you're renovating for a flip, getting involved in rental housing or have other plans for your investment you NEED to know what the experts know. Don't fall into a money pit or fail to count the cost before you buy, find out right now... In this book you will learn: *Where Can You Find a Real Estate Deal? *How to Compare Similar Properties for Investing *How To Find a Motivated Seller *How to Create Great Newspapers Ads for Both Buyers and Sellers *How to Get a Property Appraisal *Learning the Basics of Real Estate Contracts *Why You Need to Have a Property Inspection *The Difference Between Assumable and Non-Assumable Mortgages *When Should You Renovate an Investment Property? *When and...

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