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Homemade Products with Brand-Name Quality: 200 Money-Saving Mixes

Charlette Carollo. Homemade Products with Brand-Name Quality: 200 Money-Saving Mixes Authors:Charlette Carollo.
Price:1871 rub.

Book Summary:
Contains over 200 money saving mixes to make your own non brand products for both food and non food items that you see on the grocery shelves already prepackaged. This book eliminates the packaging process and the added costs of labor, materials, marketing fees, and advertisements. Great tips on obtaining a good food storage, how to freeze prepared foods, ways to use all your leftovers, great menus for dieters, and a pictorial herb guide. Easy to make, simple to store, these recipes and mixes provide the means to save money by creating pantry staples from ingredients found in the home. This cookbook also shows you how to make your own household cleaners, toothpaste, dairy products, and seasonings. A reference section includes an herb guide, ingredient substitution table, and suggested storing periods for frozen foods.

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