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How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short

William J. O'Neil, Gil Morales. How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short Authors:William J. O'Neil, Gil Morales.
Publisher:John Wiley and Sons, Ltd
Price:1344 rub.

Book Summary:
There are two sides to everything, except the stock market. In the stock market there is only one side the right side. In certain market conditions, selling short can put you on the right side, but it takes real knowledge and market know-how as well as a lot of courage to assume a short position. The mechanics of short selling are relatively simple, yet virtually no one, including most professionals, knows how to sell short correctly. In How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short, William J.O'Neil offers you the information needed to pursue an effective short selling strategy, and shows you with detailed, annotated charts how to make the moves that will ultimately take you in the right direction. From learning how to set price limits to timing your short sales, the simple and timeless advice found within these pages will keep you focused on the task at hand and let you trade with the utmost confidence.

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