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Show Me The Money

Show Me The Money Authors:
Price:1963.7 rub.

Book Summary:
This book presents a basic guide for anyone involved in implementing major projects Ц human capital programs, technology implementations, systems integration, new processes, Six Sigma, product design, new policies and procedures, or any type of project where significant expenditures of time and money remain at stake. The work not only shows how to forecast the value of the project in advance, but how to collect data during and after project implementation as well. It addresses how to enact improvements throughout the process so that the projected outcomes are realized. This results-based approach to project implementation focuses on a variety of measures, categorized into six data types: 1. Reaction and Perceived Value, 2. Understanding and Confidence, 3. Application and Implementation, 4. Impact and Consequences, 5. Return on Investment, and 6. Intangibles. Show Me the Money presents a step-by-step guide for identifying, collecting, analyzing, and reporting all six...

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