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Tech Tactics - Money Saving Secrets

William Keeley. Tech Tactics - Money Saving Secrets Authors:William Keeley.
Price:2524 rub.

Book Summary:
This book shows the reader how to save money by using free or very inexpensive devices, programs, and services in order to save money while enjoying modern technology. People pay too much money for things that can be had very cheaply or for free if one only knows where to find the goodies. This book is about how to take advantage of technology without having to pay huge sums of money to big business. The author concentrates on tips, tactics, devices, programs, and secrets that actually work. It is the hope that when a reader reads and uses just one thing learned in this book that the book will pay for itself. This books offers something for everyone from a relative beginner to the hardcore geek. This book discuss the advantages and pitfalls in using free and inexpensive inexpensive technology products. Most products discussed in this book come with no strings attached. The products that do have strings attached are pointed out, and exactly what strings are explained. ...

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